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Board Game Night

  • Jews for Jesus 109 East 31st Street New York, NY 10016 United States (map)

Have you ever felt out of place at a social gathering because there is nothing in common between you and others? Have you experienced mental fatigue as soon as you walked into that door for that *super* outgoing event? Have you ever felt that feeling where you just want to walk in and have fun without working to make things work? Well, guess what? 

This next event is for YOU!!!!

The only thing you need in common is your desire to have funnnnnnnnnnn!

We will be having a board game night on Nov 10. Time and place is yet to be determined but it will most likely be after 6pm until whenever the fun dies (is that dark?). Mark your calendars because we will have games like...

Codenames - Somehow connect your given words with abstract thoughts so that it is clear as day for your teammates while mad confusing for yourself.

Dead of Winter - Survive a mission as a group of people who are surrounded by zombies in the winter time, and amongst you may be a betrayer.

Settlers of Catan - Gather your resources and build your houses while you mess everything up for your neighbors and your friendships.

Sheriff of Nottingham - Take turns being a sheriff of a town and decide whether you want to let people sneak in with contraband or accept a bribe, all the corruption is up to you. As townsfolk, you can bluff your way in for more money or embarrass  yourself with that terrible poker face.

6 Nimmt- A card game where you don't want the most bulls but it's hard. Why? You don't pick the bulls, they choose you.

And possibly more - depending on if others bring games and where the location will be. Peter may need some help bringing some games over.

Questions or concerns - please email Peter and or call/text at 847-322-2345.

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