Prayer in the Wake of More Mass Shootings

Holy God, on this day we weep with You

We weep with the families who have lost loved ones to the ongoing epidemic of gun violence

We weep with the communities of El Paso, TX, Dayton, OH, and Gilroy, CA.

We weep with our Latino neighbors who are being targeted

We weep because such occurrences have become commonplace in our time

Hear our cry, O God

With you, God, we condemn the hatred that has fueled such violent action

We condemn the racism, white nationalism, and bigotry that lies at the root

We lament and confess our silence and complicity in the face of such things

We lament that these sentiments have been stirred by the highest office in the land, 

And we pray that you would grant repentance from the halls of power all the way to our very own hearts,

That we may reflect your Image in our humanity.  

May your Kingdom come, Lord Jesus

Triune God, lead us toward hope when it is hard for us to see it

Lead us to love our neighbors through concrete action and ordinary faithfulness in everyday life

Lead us to raise our voices for those under assault

Lead us to lovingly welcome immigrants, refugees, asylum seekers, and all whom You bring into our midst

Lead us to co-labor with You in the work of new creation right here where we are

Make us instruments of Your peace, Holy Spirit

In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit


Written by Drew Jackson and Matt Kay