Our home groups exist to form friendships---with Christ at the center, where the gospel goes deeper, and God’s love reaches wider within our spheres of influence and in our neighborhoods. These are gatherings where people are seen, stretched, & supported in small communities that are typically 5-12 people. Each group meets for approximately two hours, and the time is spent eating, conversing about matters of faith, and praying.

If you are interested in joining a home group you can get more information by emailing hopeevinfo@gmail.com or by emailing one of the Home Group leaders below.

Tuesday Home Group

        Tuesdays @ 7:30p            

Contact: Matt for location

Wednesday Home Group

Wednesdays @ 7:30p

Contact: Myung for location

Thursday Home Group

Thursdays @ 7:30p

Contact: Jordan for location

Friday Home Group

Fridays @ 7:30p

Contact: Drew for location